Valerie Freeman

Our Valerie has been with us since September 6, 2011. She is one of the happy faces who will greet you when you walk through our door! What Valerie enjoys most about working at SVC is working around the animals as well as the client interaction – she is a self-described “people person,” and if you have met her you know this to be true!

Married to her husband Tony, they have three children: Griffith, who is married and living in Virgina with his wife, Caitlin; Chasity who is teaching at Springfield Catholic and married to her husband David; and Garrett, a Senior at Marshfield High School. The canine portion of Valerie’s “family” consists of her Catahoula Leopard Dog “Ruby” and the little dog who stole her heart – her terrier/yorkie mix, “Lily.” In addition, she owns two horses and has a cat named “Bonnie.” When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling around Arkansas with her husband on their motorcycle, working in the yard, and being creative with her new embroidery machine (which is her absolute favorite!). On the side, Valerie also sells Air Purifier Systems, which she is very passionate about. If you have ever wondered why our clinic smells so nice, or at least not like dog, that’s why! The clinic houses two of these amazing machines and with the amount of furry friends we see in a day, they work wonders.